Mobile Important Notices


CSI Important Notices


ALERT: Information security is a top priority for the Office of the Attorney General – Child Support Division.  Please be aware that as part of our ongoing review of information security trends and current events, we have become aware of a “Pony Loader Malware/Trojan” threat, which, if present on a personal, work, or public computer, has the ability to steal stored credentials, including Child Support Interactive (CSI) Login IDs and passwords. The Pony Malware typically infects end-user systems and could potentially steal credentials to any system accessed from the infected computer, including online banking, e-payment systems, and debit or credit cards. 

What should you do:

  • Ensure that current anti-malware software is installed and running on your computer.
  • If malware is detected on your computer, clean the infected computer, otherwise the problem continues.
  • Change passwords to accounts after cleaning the infected computer. A unique Login ID and password should be used for all financial accounts.