Mobile Important Notices


CSI Important Notices

1. The Office of the Attorney General of Texas, Child Support Division is excited to announce that the new Platinum smiONE VISA Payment Card is here!

  • The new Platinum smiONE VISA Payment Card with EMV chip technology will replace the white smiONE Payment Card.
  • Look for your new card in the mail between October 16th through December 9th.
  • Spend down the remaining funds on your current white smiONE VISA Payment Card prior to December 31, 2017. If you do not believe you will be able to spend the full balance by December 31, 2017, please contact smiONE to discuss your options.
  • For more information regarding the new Platinum smiONE VISA Payment Card please visit or call smiONE at 1-855-558-0044.
The new Platinum smiONE VISA Payment Card The old smiONE Payment Card
Platinum smiONE VISA Payment Card Old smiONE VISA Payment Card


ALERT: Information security is a top priority for the Office of the Attorney General – Child Support Division.  Please be aware that as part of our ongoing review of information security trends and current events, we have become aware of a “Pony Loader Malware/Trojan” threat, which, if present on a personal, work, or public computer, has the ability to steal stored credentials, including Child Support Interactive (CSI) Login IDs and passwords. The Pony Malware typically infects end-user systems and could potentially steal credentials to any system accessed from the infected computer, including online banking, e-payment systems, and debit or credit cards. 

What should you do:

  • Ensure that current anti-malware software is installed and running on your computer.
  • If malware is detected on your computer, clean the infected computer, otherwise the problem continues.
  • Change passwords to accounts after cleaning the infected computer. A unique Login ID and password should be used for all financial accounts.