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Online Reporting Instructions

Upon registering, follow the step- by- step instructions below to access your company records or set up the employer profile and carrier information. The employer profile and carrier information must be updated in order to respond to NMSNs electronically and to stop receiving paper NMSNs.

Find Your Company

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1 When you first log in you will be taken to the Medical Support Reporting Home page. It should read Welcome and your company name. Below will tell you how many Pending Notices you have. If you are reporting for more than one company and you want to change the company you are reporting for, look in the upper left corner for your company name. It will look like: Reporting for: COMPANY NAME Change

Click on the blue link to change.

This will allow you to choose the company for which you want to report.
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Maintaining Employer Profile

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  Select Employer Profile from the left navigation.  
1 This screen enables the user to maintain their company contact information and company settings.

Periodically review your employer profile to keep your data current. If a new carrier is necessary, use the Add feature, if corrections are needed, use the Edit or Delete feature to make the necessary updates and click Save. You will receive a system message indicating your changes were successful. (See below for more information on how to add, edit or delete a carrier.)
The company information will be automatically filled in with the registration information.
  The first time you access your Employer Profile follow the steps below  
2 Enter the Contact Name of the person who will be responsible for responding to the NMSN. It may be the same person as the Plan Administrator, if so you may enter the information again. This information helps the OAG/Medical Support Unit (MSU) communicate with the appropriate company staff when additional follow-up is necessary.
3 Enter the phone number and valid email of the Contact Person/Plan Administrator to ensure there are no delays in obtaining information for completing the NMSNs. This information helps the OAG/MSU contact the appropriate staff to ensure notifications are sent to employers to inform them that NMSNs are available and waiting to be completed online
The following settings allow you to:
  • indicate whether or not your company offers insurance,
  • the option to receive NMSNs via paper or electronically, and
  • to choose the format (Form View or Wizard Q&A View) in which to respond to electronic NMSNs.
This information is required.
4 If your company does not provide health insurance to employees check the box that states, "We do not offer Insurance." This information must be updated every six months or when your company begins to offer insurance.

When your company begins to provide insurance unselect this box.
When checked, this will trigger the OAG to generate an automated Part A response to your electronic NMSN Notices that your company does not offer insurance, until insurance becomes available or the six-month review date has expired.
5 This section allows you to choose how to receive your NMSNs. You can only choose one option: Paper or Electronic.

If you elect to receive NMSNs electronically, this will allow your company to respond to all NMSNs online and stop receipt of paper NMSNs. You will also have the ability to save the records on your hard drive and you will be able to print an NMSN from the online application if you need to retain a paper copy for your records.
Responding to electronic NMSNs is safe, easy and can save employers time. Staff will no longer spend time opening mail. Forms can be completed quicker because they are not accepted until all data has been updated properly; this reduces time spent having to follow up with the MSU to pursue missing or incomplete data.
6 NMSN Form View or Wizard Q&A View

This setting will allow you to choose the method of responding to your NMSNs.

The Form View will allow the user to follow the paper NMSN format outline. This selection is most useful for Employers/Plan Administrators who are familiar with completing NMSN forms and do not require automated assistance to determine the appropriate fields that need to be completed.

Wizard Q & A View guides the Employer/Plan Administrator through each field within the NMSN in the form of questions. Within this view, only fields necessary to complete the NMSN are displayed. This choice is most useful for Employers/Plan Administrators who have limited experience completing NMSN forms and could benefit from additional guidance.
The default for new employers who register to use the website is the Wizard Q&A View.

To change default settings make the change on this setting.
7 Press Save to accept updates.  
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Sort Feature

 Step   Action
1 The sort feature works by placing your cursor anywhere on the text of the column name and clicking your mouse. If you want to sort in a reverse direction, click again. When you want to sort a new column, place your cursor on the new column and click the mouse, the gold arrow will move to the new columngold arrow
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Active Forms

 Step   Action  Reason
1 Select Active Forms to respond or view pending NMSNs waiting to be completed.

Use the Search by Employee Name, Employee SSN, or the new sort feature mentioned above.
The user can choose to respond and go straight to the default Form View or Wizard Q&A View to clear all pending NMSNS. To change the default setting, go to the Employer Profile. (See Employer Profile section)
2 User can start by any of the following:
  • search by Employee Name
  • search by Employee SSN
  • sort the Status column and then click on Respond
  • sort the Due Date column and then click on Respond
3 Respond

View - This option takes the user to a PDF image of the NMSN for that employee.

When selected the user is taken directly to the appropriate screen based on the default view set in their Employer Profile.

If the user chooses to View first, they will access the actual NMSN form that was sent to their company for that employee.

The user can print and/or save a copy to their computer.
4 Status

Not Started - indicates no action has been taken for this NMSN record.

Completed - all parts of the NMSN have been accurately submitted.

In Progress - there is more than one action to indicate the NMSN has not been completed.
  • In Progress (MO) means there is more than one or multiple options of insurance carriers in which to choose from and the user needs to select the insurance type the dependent(s) need to be enrolled.
  • In Progress (WT) indicates that a wait period has been set and the record is still pending.
  • FWD to Plan Administrator - If a company uses a Plan Administrator the employer will complete the Part A and forward it to the OAG/MSU and all of the papers or electronic record to the Plan Administrator for completion.

Notice Date - The date the NMSN is printed by the OAG is the same date as Issued on the printed form.

Due Date - date the next action is due.
There are multiple status types.
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Completed Forms

 Step   Action  Reason
1 Completed Forms - This section allows the user to pull up records that are complete and available for viewing.

Use the sort features for quickly accessing the record or the Search feature depending on the number of records you have for this company.
The user may change their response to the completed NMSN if they go to the completed record and make them the same day the record is submitted.

Completed forms are available for review for 90 days.
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Insurance Plan Maintenance

To Add, Edit or Delete Insurance Carrier and/or Coverage Information

 Step   Action  Reason
1 Select Insurance Plan Maintenance from the list on the left.

To add an insurance carrier click Add found on the bottom right corner of the screen. This will take you to the Insurance Plan Detail Screen.
If you are a new user to the Medical Support Online Reporting application, you must first enter your insurance carrier information and coverage type in order to respond to your NMSNs.

This information should be reviewed regularly to ensure that only current policy information is displayed.
2 Default - If you have multiple insurance carriers and there is only one primary, you can mark that record as Default and you will not have to choose the insurance carrier every time you respond to an NMSN. Indicating a "default" plan expedites the completion of the NMSNs for employers and saves time. It will always be the first insurance record to display in a drop down box.
3 Coverage type - mark the appropriate box to indicate the type(s) of coverage provided by this carrier.

Example: medical, dental, vision, prescription drug, mental health, other
There could be single or multiple types of coverage with an individual carrier depending on what your company offers.
4 Policy Type - make a selection from the drop down box.

Examples: Major Medical, HMO, PPO, HSA, Medicare Supplement, Other
5 Carrier Name - You must first search for the Carrier name prior to adding a carrier. To begin the search process, click on the Select Carrier button and follow the prompts. Be sure to save when complete. The Search dialog box will display for you to enter the name or partial name of the carrier.
6 Attempt to search for the Carrier name. If you receive the message "No Matching Records Found," click Add to create a new Carrier record. This will allow the user to enter the carrier information and then Click Save to retain the record. Be sure to complete all fields with an asterisk (*) as this is required information.

Note: At least one carrier is required before you can respond to NMSNs electronically.
7 Once you have added the new carrier, the carrier information will appear in a table above the search feature. Click Select to add the carrier to the plan. The Carrier form will automatically populate when you hit Select. Then you can proceed to the Group Number.
8 Group Number: This is the number assigned for the insurance carrier. This is required information and you may have to contact the carrier if you do not have this information.
9 Plan Name: If the carrier does not provide the Plan Name, you can make this something you will remember.

Example: Basic Policy, Elite Status, Silver Plan.
This information is required.
10 Effective Date: The date the policy became effective for the individual. Date the policy became effective.
11 End Date If your company requires a record of closed policies then provide the end date. Otherwise, delete the carrier from your screen.
12 Claims Sent to: Make a selection from the drop down for
  • Employer
  • Insurance Company
This is where the employee should submit the claim forms from the doctor's office.
13 Full-time coverage

Part-time coverage
Place a black checkmark beside the appropriate field. Coverage Offered based on employment status of employee
14 Note -Provide specific information in the note box when necessary.  
15 Press Save.

If the carrier was not found during, the search process when you select SAVE the following message will display "Waiting Approval." Continue with completion of the NMSN.
The Medical Support Unit will review the new record and ensure it is added to the database of carriers.
16 If other carriers need to be added, select Add and repeat steps above.  
17 To Edit existing insurance carrier information, put your cursor on the appropriate record and then click the Edit button. Once entries have been edited, press SAVE. This will allow the user to modify any information.
18 To remove a record your company no longer uses, place your cursor on the appropriate record and click on DELETE. This will permanently delete the record from your company records.
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Responding to National Medical Support Notices (NMSN) online

 Step   Action  Reason
1 On the Employer Home page under Online Reporting, select Respond to Medical Support Notices. In order to respond to NMSNs, you will be redirected from the OAG Employer website to the new Medical Support reporting website. Please select 'Continue' to proceed.
2 After your carrier information has been set up, you may proceed to Active Forms to work your NMSNs that have either not been started or are already in progress. Use the sort feature to select the employee you want to start with.
3 Select the record and complete Part A or Part B. After you review the information, select Submit. Once the record has been submitted you will receive a confirmation message. Click OK to go back to the main screen of Active Forms. You will be asked to verify if the NMSN is a QSMO (Qualified Medical Support Order).
4 Complete the necessary information for Part A or Part B then select Submit. Continue the process until all NMSNs are completed.
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How to change a record before it has processed

 Step   Action  Reason
1 The application will allow the user to make a change to a record as long as it is the same day the record was submitted.

Once the record has processed, the user must wait and Edit the record.
This is a time saving feature for the employer to make a correction when it is identified prior to being submitted the same day.
2 To correct a record go to Active Forms, search for the Completed record and Edit the information.  
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