Medical Support

Reporting Options

Texas employers have several options for responding to National Medical Support Notices :

  • Online – Submission through the Employer Web site
    • Benefits for using the online application includes:
      • Responding to NMSNs online is a service that saves staff processing time and money.
      • Easy, fast, and simple.
      • No more mailed packets of forms and instructions.
      • No extra copying or postage costs.
      • Email notifications are delivered to the employer or liaison when NMSNs are issued to the company.
    • To register to use this service, go to Request an Account to verify your company information and create an account.
    • Registered users can login now to use this service.

Employers may still choose to continue to report by hard copy. Please complete all necessary forms and send by one of the following ways:

  • Mail or Fax hardcopy of the NMSN to:
    Medical Support Unit
    P.O. Box 1328
    Austin, TX 78767
    (512) 279-1723

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