Verification of Employment

Frequently Asked Questions

As a Texas employer, do I have to respond to an employment verification letter?
Yes. Effective September 1, 2015, employers or other entities are required to provide a response within seven days from receipt to the IV-D agency; (OAG) or of another state for the purpose of establishing, modifying or enforcing a support order relating to the identity, location, employment, compensation, benefits, income, and property holdings or other assets of any person.
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Is it necessary to respond to a request if the employee no longer works for the company or never worked there?
Yes, by providing the date an employee has terminated employment or by responding that the person was never an employee of the company, CSD will update its automated system and stop sending child support documents to the employer for the individual.
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Can I charge a fee for providing employment information to the Child Support Division?
No. The Texas Family Code § 231.302 specifically states that information must be provided to the OAG at no charge.
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Why is it necessary to provide employment information when I have already reported the employee on the quarterly wage report?
When an employee is reported to the New Hire Reporting Program, the employee’s name and SSN are matched against the CSD automated system and an Income Withholding Order/Notice is generated. If the wage information is not provided with the new hire reporting information, a request for verification of employment may be generated to the employer to obtain information sufficient for establishing or modifying a child support or medical support order. This process generally occurs months before the quarterly wage information is reported.
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How do I contact you if I have additional questions?
The OAG has an Employer Call Center that operates Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm CST. The toll free number is 1-800-850-6442. Listen to all the options before making your selection. The following are the main Interactive Voice Response options:
#1 – New Hire Reporting Program
#2 – Payment Options
#3 – Medical Support
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