Income Withholding


Income withholding assists families in the following ways:

  • Paying child support regularly keeps the parent who owes child support from having to repeatedly return to court to answer charges of non-payment.
  • The parent who is owed child support will not have to face economic hardships because of failure to receive regular and timely child support.
  • Child support paid to a family on public assistance can make the difference between getting the family off public assistance and making it self-sufficient.

Income withholding also benefits employers:

  • Reduces the time an employee has to be absent from work for court appearances in support disputes
  • Reduces the psychological stress that a custodial parent experiences when support payments are missed and the family suffers financial hardship, making the custodial parent employee more productive on the job
  • Eliminates the paying parent’s stress from handling personal finances caused when he (or she) must balance his child’s needs with other financial obligations, which can hurt job performance
  • Helps reduce the cost of government, thereby helping to reduce taxes by placing the responsibility of supporting children on the children’s parents rather than taxpayers

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