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Child Support Complaint Process

The Child Support Division of the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) recognizes each customer’s right to prompt and courteous assistance. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest level of commitment and personal service to the parents and children whom we serve. We are providing this information to help you understand the Child Support Division’s complaint process.

What Is a Complaint?

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction regarding the standard of service provided by the agency or staff behavior which affects an individual customer or group of customers. [Agency Policy]

The following types of inquiries are not considered complaints and will be handled as general inquiries:

  • requests for child support services (for example, the establishment, modification, or enforcement of a case)
  • questions about the status of a case
  • requests for information, including financial information
  • requests for action
  • expressions of dissatisfaction with non-OAG employees

What Happens after I Submit My Complaint?

These are the basic steps that will take place:

  • Your complaint will be documented on our computer system to maintain a record.
  • An investigation will take place, which may include the following:
    • discussing the issue further with you
    • researching our computer records
    • talking to other persons who are subjects of the complaint
  • You will be provided updates every 60 days until resolution.
  • Once resolved, you and other persons who are subjects of the complaint will be notified.
  • The resolution will be documented on our computer system.

Who Will Handle My Complaint?

A special program has been established to handle complaints – the Ombudsman Program. It consists of a child support staff member in each child support field office and regional office who has been designated to handle complaints. The State Office Ombudsman in Austin is responsible for overseeing the program. We hope to resolve your complaint at the field office level. If we are unable to resolve the issue at this level, it will then be forwarded to the regional or State Office level.

What Records Are Kept?

A record of your complaint that contains the following information will be kept by the Child Support Division:

  • your name
  • date the complaint was received
  • nature of the complaint
  • name of each person contacted in relation to your complaint
  • summary of the results of the review or investigation

Your complaint will be documented and tracked on the Child Support Division’s computer system to ensure a timely response. All information regarding this complaint will be kept confidential in accordance with the Child Support Division’s policies.

Mutual Responsibilities of the Parties to a Complaint

In order for the Child Support Division to ensure that all complaints are dealt with fairly and effectively for all concerned, the following mutual responsibilities will be expected of all parties:

Child Support Ombudsmen are responsible for:

  • assisting the complainant with the complaint process as appropriate
  • treating all complainants with courtesy and respect at all times
  • giving complainants a reasonable opportunity to voice all issues prior to final resolution of the complaint
  • keeping complainants informed of any actions taken to address the complaint and the outcome of their complaint
  • giving the complainant reasonable warning of the consequences of unacceptable conduct

Complainants are responsible for:

  • treating all Child Support Division staff with courtesy and respect at all times
  • cooperating with staff who are investigating and resolving the complaint
  • informing Child Support Division staff of any other action they have taken in relation to the complaint
  • providing, to the best of their ability, relevant and accurate information
  • clearly and specifically identifying the issues relevant to the complaint

IMPORTANT NOTE: Complainants have the right to report any failure of staff to treat them with courtesy and respect. All such complaints go directly to management. Child Support Division staff have the right to report incidences of discourteous or disrespectful conduct by complainants to management, who are authorized to limit contact with the complainant as appropriate. Complainants will be notified of any limitation of contact in writing. The Child Support Division has the right to refuse to respond to correspondence that is offensive, threatening, repetitive or excessive.

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